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Windows 8 Guide

Where Can I Find the Windows 8 App? - How To Install

The Windows 8 app is supported on Windows 8 computers and tablets.

Currently the app is not supported on Windows 8 mobile phones as it is in the development stages for a later release. For any updates, please visit our blog.                            

The app can be found within the Windows 8 store. To install:

To install:

  1. Click on the Store application
  2. Search Livedrive
  3. Click Install
  4. Once installed, click on Livedrive on your Start menu
  5. Then login!


Windows 8 Phone Users – Where Can I Download the App?

Currently the Windows 8 app is still in development for a later release.

The Livedrive Windows 8 app supports Windows 8 computers and tablets. 

For more information on the Windows 8 app, please click here.