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Easy-to-use Internet Performance Software

Speed up any type of Internet connection

Intelligently modify your PC’s unique settings

Get faster download speeds without upgrading

Extremely safe and easy to use!

Activation is required to optimize settings



Online Discount -$10
Total Price $29.95

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are unhappy with your PC’s results, contact us for a refund.

ActiveSpeed is developed by Ascentive, a Microsoft Partner with
a Gold Certified Competency

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Optimize your Internet Connection

It surprises people to find out that their computer may not be optimized to take full advantage of their Internet connection. By modifying system settings that operate behind-the-scenes of your PC, ActiveSpeed, a leading Internet optimizer and web accelerator, can speed up your Internet connection regardless of the type of Internet connection you have.

In 3 easy steps, Speed up a slow Internet connection

1. Download and Install

Try our FREE Free Internet Optimization Scan right now and pay nothing! Click Download Now for FREE above and follow our easy, no hassle set-up.

2. Scan for Internet settings

ActiveSpeed begins a thorough test of your current Internet connection settings. The Scan results will show if your Internet connection is fully optimized.

3. Speed Up your slow Internet Connection

Easily optimize your Internet connection by purchasing one year subscription to ActiveSpeed. If your Internet doesn't run faster than before, contact us in 30 days for your money back, guaranteed.

Increase Internet Speed without Upgrading

Ascentive’s Internet accelerator software is easy to download and install, and even easier to use. There are no complicated settings, no confusing manuals to read and no annoying 3rd party ad popups. With a simple one-click download and step-by-step Easy-Install, Ascentive’s Internet speed optimizer is the perfect solution to get your PC up to speed.

ActiveSpeed At-A-Glance

Increases your internet speed. Download ActiveSpeed and find out if your Internet connection is fully optimized.

Intelligently modifies your PC's connection settings to increase your Internet speed for faster downloads, browsing, gaming and more!

Guides you through the optimization process step-by-step perfect for novice and expert
users alike.

Speeds up every type of Internet Connection including: dial-up, cable, wi-fi, DSL, or broadband connections.

Patented Internet Acceleration Technology

Intelligent Optimization Mode tests your Internet connection
over a period of time to learn your unique settings

Actually sends and receives data
instead of using default settings

Manually adjust advanced settings quickly & easily


A word from our satisfied customers!

Active speed has helped boost my overall internet connection not only by just boosting download speeds but also by keeping the connection active (no more time out disconnects). Great investment. Thanks Ascentive Team.

T.M. Ngarua, North Island New Zealand

Ascentive brings up my web pages quicker and I have faster downloads. When I have to update certain programs it also speeds it up as well.

C. Bradley, Helena AL USA

ActiveSpeed has increased slow dial-up download time by almost doubling the speed. Thank you for a good product.

J. Miller, Montgomery City Missouri USA

Purchase ActiveSpeed Today!



Optimize your Internet Speed and Performance


Online Discount -$10
Total Price $29.95

Ascentive offers a 30-day money-back
guarantee. If you are unhappy with your
PC’s results, contact us for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need ActiveSpeed? What does it do?

A: Most PC users have never taken the time to optimize their internet connection settings because of the complex options. ActiveSpeed can speed up everything you do on the Internet including email, web browsing, file transfers, and more by automatically optimizing your settings, regardless of the speed of your Internet connection.

Q: How do I know that it is working?

A: ActiveSpeed comes with a convenient desktop speed meter, so it is easy to see how much your speed has improved. There is also a 'Quick Speed Test' included with ActiveSpeed so you can easily maintain top speed.

Q: How does it speed up my Internet? I thought that my speed was limited by my connection type?

A: ActiveSpeed's unique Intelligent Optimization Engine technology can help boost your speed regardless of your connection type. In fact, most dial-up and DSL connections are under performing because the custom Internet connection settings have not been adjusted. ActiveSpeed automatically detects and adjusts your settings, targeting the type of speed increase you specify.

Q: How is ActiveSpeed different from other Internet Boosters?

A: Other Internet boosters use a caching technology to record your favorite websites to reduce load times for frequently visited pages. They do not improve download speed, chat, gaming, or any other internet activity that occurs outside of web browsing. By contrast, ActiveSpeed intelligently adjusts the setting on your local machine, targeting all of your Internet activities, not just web surfing, for a meaningful speed increase.

System Requirements Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


1 GHz processor or faster
with support for PAE, NX,
and SSE2 1 GB RAM or higher


1 GHz 32-bit (x86) processor
1 GB RAM or higher


1 GHz 32-bit (x86) processor 512 MB RAM


Pentium 233 MHz processor
(300 MHz Recommended)
(128 MB Recommended)


1 GHz processor or faster
with support for PAE, NX,
and SSE2 2 GB RAM or higher


1 GHz 64-bit (x64) processor
1 GB RAM or higher


1 GHz 64-bit (x64) processor
1 GB RAM (4 GB


The free download of Ascentive’s Registry Cleaner, Anti-Malware Software, and other trial products are intended to find issues, errors, threats, junk, and clutter that can be removed by single or multiple Ascentive products after paid activation. The free scans do not require payment and are set to run automatically every 7 days for your convenience. Uninstall is easy and can be done at any time using “Add/Remove Programs” on any Windows machine. Your results may vary. Speed improvements are dependent on what is actually limiting a particular computer and may require more than one product category or remedy for ultimate success. During the activation process a qualified Agent will help setup your software and review your PC for our Live Support 365 Premium Services.