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Get real-time updates on the latest malware threats from our anti-virus lab, tips for protecting your PC from viruses and other malware threats, and much more. The Ascentive Resource Center is meant to provide you, our customer, with the knowledge you need to feel secure with your PC. To that end we’ve put together a collection of great resources to keep you current when it comes to PC security.

Types of Malware

While many computer users face the threat of malware, understanding the different types and how they affect users is essential to protecting against scams and ensuring security for online operations.

Do you need Anti-Virus protection?

Absolutely! Malicious computer viruses can harm your system and cause you a significant amount of headache, from undesired operation to data loss to the compromise of credit card numbers and other financial information. You can do some commonsense things to help lessen the danger of harmful viruses, but only a dedicated and comprehensive anti-virus software suite offers optimal protection in the face of ever-evolving virus threats.

Anti-Virus Tips

Unfortunately, computer viruses are a reality we all have to deal with. Viruses range from the relatively benign – infrequent but annoying pop-ups, an unexplainable quirk in your browser's operation – to the much more serious, including spyware or malware that threaten your privacy and put your sensitive personal and financial information at risk.