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What can LiveSupport 365 do for you?

Have a slow PC? Maybe you have questions about setting up a new piece of technology. Whether you are worried about your computer's security, you are having issues with a popular Microsoft™ Software, or you are just struggling to stay on top of today's technologically advanced atmosphere, give us a call today and our experienced technicians can help resolve any computer problem that you may have.

Here's how our service works:

Call one of our friendly technicians toll-free at 1-800 508-4879 . Seven days a week, year round.

Once you purchase LiveSupport, one of our qualified technicians will connect to your computer and will immediately diagnose any problems they see in your PC.

After your initial diagnosis and PC repair, you can call our LiveSupport 365 team at any time, day or night, if you have any other PC problems or further questions.

Call 1-800 508-4879 Toll-Free for Instant Tech Help NOW!

Comprehensive Technical Support

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With LiveSupport 365, customer support is our business. PC support has never been so simple, safe, and secure. Our qualified technicians are waiting to resolve any PC problems you have.

Have a problem on a weekend? There’s no need to worry about off-days. LiveSupport 365 technicians are on-call 365 days a year, just as the name suggests.

Livesupport offers an immediate diagnosis and repair service that is available year-round. Just pick up the phone you will be provided immediate support for all your PC-related needs.

Our friendly, qualified technicians can diagnose your PC’s problems, resolve any issues found, and troubleshoot any further questions that you may have.

What We Cover

Computers & Peripheral Support
LiveSupport 365 can help resolve problems that you may have with your PC and peripherals. We’ll troubleshoot and identify issues with slow-running PCs, error messages and more. We can also help with installing new devices and software, connecting printers or scanners and protecting your files.

Home Network Set-Up
LiveSupport 365 will help you set up a wireless network, establish firewall protection, set up a home network, add computers and PC-related devices to your network, troubleshoot high-speed internet connection and performance issues. When you need help with your home network, LiveSupport 365 will get you connected. 

Software Problems
LiveSupport 365 can help setup or troubleshoot the most popular software and Microsoft operating systems such as XP, 7, Vista, and Microsoft Office Suite. We’ll also help you install the latest updates, restore your system in the event of a crash or help you increase performance by optimizing your system.

PC Security
LiveSupport 365 can help resolve system performance and pop-up issues, identify and remove viruses and spyware, set up firewall protection, scan your PC for threats, secure your WiFi network, update your Internet browser, secure your online privacy and get advice on the best internet security solution. 

Internet Connection & VoIP Assistance
LiveSupport 365 will help install and configure your Internet & VoIP service, set up your email and IM accounts, fix performance problems and more. Whether you are just getting started or you’re having a world of trouble with the World Wide Web, we’ll get you back to smooth surfing in no time. 

MP3 Player Support
LiveSupport 365 will help you setup and use your MP3 player, transfer and manage your music collection, organize playlists, burn CDs and more. If your MP3 player isn’t playing nice, our technical know-how and problem resolution will be music to your ears. 


Since 1998, Ascentive Software has been used by hundreds of thousands of people and businesses, with registered customers in over 55 countries. If there is one thing they all share it is a love of our products. See the testimonials below to see what customer’s are saying about our live technical support, LiveSupport365.

"Somehow I got a virus on my computer. I could not get rid of it and contacted my previous tech support people. They initially told me it was gone, but the next day it was back. When I called again, they told me they could not do anything about it and I would have to bring my computer to the Geek Squad! What was I paying them for? A friend of mine recommended your company and I gave it a try. It took two techs and about five hours but they cleaned up my computer, got rid of the virus and now it is faster than it has ever been! To me, my experience with LiveSupport365 is what customer service is all about. Thank you for all your hard work on my behalf."

Jody - Long Neck, DE

"Both of the Ascentive technicians I have dealt with have been VERY helpful. "Joe Ellis" was most personable, understanding, and good at what he did. Praveen was obviously a computer expert. I could not have hoped for better support from these two gentlemen. I am very happy to highly recommend their services."

Wes Thomas, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

"Simply the most knowledgeable and understanding support I have ever used and I have used several different sources."

K. Kane, Morrisville, PA

"My computer had been very slow and at times, unresponsive. A technician diagnosed my pc with running too many programs which I did not actually use or need. The problem has been fixed, and now, my computer is running like new."

Elena - PEI, Canada