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BeAware User Guide

I. Introduction

1. BeAware in a Nutshell

Whether your computer is used for work or pleasure, you can't always be there to monitor its use. Are your files secure? Are your employees being productive? Are your kids safe? Is your spouse being faithful? With BeAware, you can be certain you have access to anything done on your computer.

BeAware monitors all computer activity by showing you exactly what appears on the screen as frequently as you set it to do so. BeAware is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.


With BeAware, you can:

  • View screenshots taken from your monitor with ScreenWatch, so you know what your children or other family members are viewing online.
  • See saved chats with the ChatWatch feature, so you know who your family members are talking to and what they're saying.
  • See a time-stamped list of all web site addresses and applications used with BeAware's Recent Websites and Launched Applications features.
  • View all emails, both received and sent, and their addresses with MailWatch.
  • See all of this from any computer in the world using the BeAware.com website! No matter where you are, at work or on vacation, you can keep tabs on the well-being of your loved ones!
  • NEW! Receive BeAware Alerts via e-mail and at BeAware.com concerning explicit or harmful content in chats. You can even set the alert level or add custom keywords to BeAware's vast library of terms. You are instantly notified of any suspicious chat activity!

Better yet, once you start monitoring your computer, you can close the program and let it work in the background, without alerting anyone else to it being there! With the BeAware.com service, you can check the activity from any computer with Internet access.