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BeAware User Guide

V. Reviewing Data

1. Reviewing Intro

In addition to capturing all activity using Screen Watch, BeAware allows you to record emails and chats as text files and record visited web site addresses.

You can review all that BeAware has recorded at anytime. Simply open BeAware (enter admin password if one is set) and select Activity Monitor from the options on the left of the BeAware window.

From this menu, you will be able to access all of BeAware's screen captures, chat sessions, recorded email messages, and more.

If you are subscribed to BeAware.com, simply go to www.beaware.com from any computer with Internet access and click on sign in.

Here are the programs that these special BeAware features record (in addition to ScreenWatch).


Web Mail
   - Both send and receive
   - Internet Explorer required

  • Yahoo!
  • Hotmail
  • MSN (Hotmail)
  • AOL.com
  • Desktop Email

Desktop Email Clients
   - Send only

  • MS Office
  • MS Office Outlook
  • Outlook Express
  • (Version 5 and up)
  • Eudora
  • AOL 9.0 (and SE)
  • IncrediMail


  • Yahoo!
  • AOL
  • AIM
  • MSN Messenger
  • (6.2: No XP Support)


  • Internet Explorer
    (Version 5 and up)
  • Netscape Navigator
    (Version 6 and up)