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BeAware User Guide

IV. BeAware Monitoring

2. ChatWatch

ChatWatch monitors conversations from most commonly used instant messaging programs, including AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN Messenger.

These conversations are conveniently dated, saved and archived for you to view at any time. Best of all, if you are a BeAware.com subscriber, ChatWatch can send you instant email alerts notifying you of possible content violations. Categories include sex, drugs, explicit language, cheating, and more. You set the alert level that you desire. You can even teach BeAware new words or phrases to watch out for.

You'll soon wonder how you got by without BeAware and ChatWatch!


Recording with ChatWatch

From the Monitoring Options Menu, click on the Chat watch tab and check Enable Chatwatch.


Don't Forget!
To record chats with BeAware, make sure you have Enable Monitor checked in the Options Menu:

Turn Monitoring On

* Also, be sure to have “Start monitoring when I start my computer” checked so no one can disable BeAware by restarting the computer!