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BeAware User Guide

II. BeAware.Com Service

3. Web Service Features

All of the features you've come to know and enjoy with BeAware are present at BeAware.com, but improved! All of the screen shots, saved chats, and other information gathered are also stored at BeAware.com and are ready for you to view using any computer from any location. All you need is the Internet!

  • The ScreenWatch and ChatWatch tabs monitor stored screen shots and instant messages.
  • The MailWatch feature actually monitors and tracks e-mails sent to and from people using your computer.
  • BeAware.com can also monitor and list all of the websites visited on your computer as well as all of the programs that have been used!

What's more, if you have more than one computer in your household, you can view each computer from one account, easily, through BeAware.com! (Each computer must have BeAware installed to monitor.)