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About ActiveDefender


ActiveDefender is an easy to use program that does not require any extra hardware installed on your computer and can safeguard your system and private data from hackers and marketing thugs. By simply not giving programs access to the Internet without your knowledge and permission, you can maintain total control.

ActiveDefender can protect all Internet connections and Internet Providers running Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP).


ActiveDefender works by examining the data stream (individual data packets), and denying access to suspicious incoming and outgoing traffic. Open the Security Manager window and block specific applications from accessing the Internet, or deny access to any Internet site or port number. You will see a Program Alert whenever a program that you haven't already given explicit permission to tries to use the Internet. By controlling who gets in or out of your computer, you can control your security.

Get the protection you need today. As the amount of broadband connections continue to increase, the protection offered by ActiveDefender can become more important in providing 'end point' security to corporations and consumers alike.

Firewall protection has become a 'must have' in today's uncertain world. Hackers are getting smarter and online advertisers are developing better ways to steal private information from your system. With ActiveDefender installed, you can maintain constant protection from data theft or malicious programs that track your every move.

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