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About RAMrocket


Free up your RAM

Did you know that your computer relies on memory to function? If you're constantly waiting for your PC to catch up with you, it's time to consider managing your RAM more wisely.

There are several types of memory including RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory. As soon as you power up your computer, your RAM is put to work as it is needed to actively run programs on your computer. If you've ever tried to run multiple programs and notice that your computer is starting to lag behind, it could be because your RAM is filling up. From this point on, everything you do starts to slow you down.

Why Choose RAMrocket?

When you are working on your computer and your memory becomes full it needs room for any new project you are working on. This can become very frustrating as you work on more items your computer starts to delay as it needs to shuffle files around to create that room. With RAMrocket you can manage your memory for a smoother more productive computer experience. RAMrocket will automatically take charge and in one simple process free up a portion of your memory. Now instead of your computer stopping and starting to work on new applications you will have a smoother more productive PC experience.

Free up your RAM

Features of RAMrocket.

  • Improve your overall PC experience with better memory management.
  • Improves System Stability.
  • Recovers RAM from your system that is not being used.
  • De-fragments your system's memory.
  • Easy and Powerful for Beginners and Experts.
  • Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2008.

Refresh your Memory.

By installing and running this easy-to-use software, RAMrocket will be able to manage your memory. RAMrocket recovers precious memory from programs making your computer optimal for productive use. No more waiting forever to process a task or for programs to load. The interface will make it easier for you to keep your PC running without constant lags.

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