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About PC Scan & Sweep

PC Scan & Sweep

Clean Windows Registry and
keep your computer running like new

Each time you use your computer, temporary files and junk files can pile up behind-the-scenes. Over time these files can take up huge amounts of space on your computer and cause your system to run slowly. PC Scan & Sweep is an easy-to-use program that finds junk files on your PC and wipes them away in just one click. Our Windows cleanup software is that simple!

Features of PC Scan & Sweep Software.

Clean Windows Registry and keep your computer running like new!

  • Increase your PC performance in many common situations.
  • Quickly remove harmful junk files.
  • Clean your Windows registry in one click.
  • Removes all download history for any web browser files to protect your personal information.
  • Removes recently typed URLs.
  • Macromedia Flash Cookies cannot be removed by any web browser.
  • Perfect for both novice Window users and experts.
  • Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2008.

Securely erase temporary Internet files and sweep away junk files
that slow down your PC.