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Automatic Renewal Service

The Automatic Renewal Service helps to ensure that you're protected by automatically renewing your product subscription before it expires. If you want to cancel this service please fill out the form below.

Enrollment Process
You are automatically enrolled in Ascentive's Auto Renewal Service when you download and purchase any of our subscription products.

Subscription Notices
Shortly before your subscription comes up for renewal, Ascentive will send you an email alert notifying you that your subscription will be automatically renewed. You do not have to respond or take any further action for your automatic renewal to occur.

Auto-Renewal Cancellation Procedure

  1. Before cancelling your auto-renewal subscription, we suggest you download and install the latest version of the scan applications to find if your PC or Internet connection is performing at its optimal level. We continually update the software and you may benefit from the latest versions of our products with the most up to date features.
  2. To proceed with the cancellation fill out the form below.

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You will receive an email confirming the cancellation of your service within 24-48 hours.


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