Download Free PC Diagnostic Scans
We are confident that you will love our suite of performance enhancing and PC maintenance software. Now you can run a FREE scan to see if your computer may be slowing you down or if your Internet is fully optimized. Simply download the scan that best addresses your problem and follow Ascentive's Easy Install™ to scan your PC. These scans are easy to get up-and-running in no time, and the scan results will tell you how to quickly and easily improve your computer. For example, your computer may require a registry cleaner program to erase registry errors or an accelerator program to increase the speed of your Internet connection.
Internet Performance Scan
Is your Internet performance the best it can be?
Most people do not have their Internet connection settings properly configured. Incorrect settings can result in slow page loads, long download times, and frustration while browsing the web. To find out if your settings are optimized, download our accelerator program and run a FREE scan today. In just minutes you can determine if your system settings are slowing you down.Start FREE Scan
PC SpeedScan
PC Performance Scan for Registry Repair
Is your computer unstable and slow?
PC users can have hundreds of behind-the scenes errors and conflicts that can slow down and destabilize their computer overtime. To find out how many errors may be holding you back, download and install our FREE Diagnostic Performance Scan for Registry Repair. In just a few simple steps you can have a complete diagnosis and deep scan of your Registry to reveal as many as dozens or even hundreds of errors that may be destabilizing your computer. Then, upgrade to the full Registry Cleaner to take your PC to maximum performance. Our registry cleaner is easy to use and compatible with Windows Vista, XP, ME, 98, and 2000.Start FREE Scan
PC Scan & Sweep
PC Performance Scan for Junk Removal
Is your computer full of Junk Files?
Many PC users have a huge amount of junk taking up space on their computers. These junk files can cause your PC to run slowly and are often hidden in system folders. Perform this scan to quickly reveal as many as thousands of junk files and temporary Internet that that could be taking up valuable system space and compromising your security. In just three easy steps you will get a detailed list of junk files found on your computer. Start FREE Scan
Spyware & Adware Scan
Has your computer's security been compromised?
Many people have no idea when malicious programs are running on their computer. Almost any category of online activity can result in spyware and adware infections including browsing the web, watching online videos, downloading music, playing video games, and even opening emails. Perform this quick-and-easy Spyware & Adware scan to reveal all the unwanted programs found lurking on your system.Start FREE Scan