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Getting Errors Fixed

Free Updates Available:

Free Updates may be available for your software!
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If you continue to experience the problem you were having, please return to this form and send your error report. Most of the time, problems can be fixed just by downloading the latest version of the software!

Reporting an Error to Ascentive
(complete steps 1-4)

Thank you for reporting this error to us, although we are sorry to hear that there is a problem with your service. Before filling out the error report below, please read the following:

1) This form is intended to send an error report to the Programming department only. If you need to send a message to our Sales, Support, or Billing department about your software or service, please contact them using the options listed on the top of this page. The Programming department cannot make changes to your account, terminate subscriptions, or issue refunds.

2) Please be sure to provide the most accurate information possible. If you provide us with incorrect information regarding your error, you may delay the time it may take to fix your error.


1. Your Information:

Order Reference Number:

(example: A50512334676)
If you are not yet a customer, or cannot
find this number, just leave it blank.

Purchaser Name:

Account/Sign in Name:

Your email Address:

(example: myname@aol.com)

Re-type Email:

Message Subject:

(enter the error number for the subject, if you know it)

Windows OS:

Version number:

(if you know it)

2. Which Program?

Which program is causing problems?
(If more than one, specify so in your comments below.)





Greenlight Guardian

Spyware Striker
PC SpeedScan

PC Scan & Sweep

3. What have you tried or checked on so far?

Instructions: Check off on anything that applies to what you have done so far in trying to figure out what the problem might be. The more information you send us, the faster we can determine what the problem is and get a solution to you!

What you tried:
Reason for trying:

Have you looked at the Common Errors page yet?
The answer to your problem may already be in this guide! Make sure you view this page for a solution before submitting your error to us.

Did you check your firewall?
You would only need to do this if you are having trouble signing in with your Ascentive software. Check out this page for more information.

Rebooting after installing?
Before submitting this error, try rebooting your machine. Many times errors are resolved just by restarting Windows.

Checking to see if the file size was correct?
If you are having install problems, you might not have the full package. For a list of file sizes (and instructions for replacement), please click here.

Downloading the lastest version?
You may qualify for a free upgrade to the latest version which might solve your problem. Click here for more information.

4. The Error Report:

(If it is not automatically in the space below), please enter the error report here.
To report your error to us, be sure to include the exact error messages and error numbers here. Please COPY AND PASTE the entire message to us.

5. Your Comments:

Anything extra that you can tell us about the problem you are having will help us find a solution for you quicker! Just enter your comments below:

6. How Often Has This Error Occurred:


Before you hit Send, is all of your information correct?
Please double check everything, especially any numbers.

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