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Getting Errors Fixed

I need my serial numbers!

Your serial numbers can be found in the Ascentive Download Center where you downloaded your software. You will need to enter your order number and download code to access your order information. Your serial numbers are listed next to the software product names.

My Serial Numbers are not being Accepted!

To activate your software, you must enter in both your name and serial numbers exactly as they are shown at your download center.

*If you have misspelled your name when you placed your order, you must repeat the misspelled name to activate your software. Use the name (misspelled or not) exactly as it is shown at your download center. Your name and serial numbers are displayed at your Ascentive Download Center.

*It is easy to confuse the letters “D” (as in Dog), “O” (as in Opera), and 0 (the number Zero). For reference, Ascentive Serial numbers do not use the letter “O” (as in Opera). What you see is either the letter “D” (as in Dog) or the number “0” (Zero).

Using the copy & paste method on both your name and serial number will circumvent any typing errors you may be repeating.