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PC Speedscan Pro
PC SpeedScan Pro Every month since you first took your PC out of the box, it's gotten slower and slower. For most people, that's because your Windows registry has become filled with obsolete and redundant information. This prevents your machine from being as fast as it could be. Whether you're a beginner or expert user, run PC Speedscan Pro today to detect hundreds of errors and useless files that may be slowing down your PC.
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Spyware Striker Pro ActiveSpeed is the only Internet speed accelerator that intelligently modifies your computer's unique settings. The patented 'Intelligent Optimization Engine' guides you step-by-step to make your Internet connection accelerate the way you want it to. ActiveSpeed will optimize the speed of your Internet connection and increase the speed of everything you do online from browsing the web, to downloading video and music, to online gaming.
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PC Scan & Sweep
PC Scan & Sweep With regular use most PCs develop large numbers of unrequired Junk files that degrade your computer's performance. These files are only good for one thing: causing problems. By removing these junk files, there will be a remarkable improvement in your PC performance and no more compromise with your computer's security.
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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Details

Affiliate Details It's time to start making serious money on your web site, blog, email list, or any other source of Internet traffic.

As an Ascentive affiliate, you'll receive monthly payouts based on the performance of the traffic you generate. Payouts can come in the form of a percentage of the revenue generated (rev share) or a predetermined one time amount for every completed order sale. The choice is yours. Ascentive products have been selling on the Internet since 1999 and a have long history of satisfied customers and affiliates.

Start earning money today, while your users benefit from an enhanced experience on your web site.

If you think you have what it takes to be a rock star affiliate, supply us with some basic information and, if you qualify, Ascentive will contact you regarding next steps to complete your affiliate account.

Generate cash quickly—Add a unique text or banner link from your web site to a designated Ascentive product advertising page. It's that simple.
Something every computer user needs. Ascentive's computer scan and diagnostic software applications are easy to use and provide value for users by increasing their computer efficiency.
Receive monthly payments for sales that you generate from the unique link that we supply you.
Access your revenue data at any time using the Affiliate Access Center.
Risk nothing—you can cancel your participation at any time by removing the link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any costs?
    No, there are no fees of any kind. We pay for processing and postage of your affiliate check as well as all customer-related expenses.

  • How is my payment calculated?
    Every month a check will be mailed to you for your affiliate payment. However, earned funds will be placed on a hold status for 30 days first. This allows the 30-day refund period to expire and time for check printing. Checks are generally printed on the 15th of every month.

  • How do you track my site's revenue?
    It's very easy to set up and verify. We'll provide you with a unique URL and HTML code for your Affiliate links. Your Affiliate name is recorded on orders submitted by users coming from your site. If you have more than one web site, you are welcome to use your affiliate link on all of your sites to track the revenue you earn.

  • How do I access my site's revenue statistics?
    Ascentive can provide you with an affiliate “Account Name” and “Password” for login to real time access of all the vital stats you need—clicks, orders, sales and more.

  • How can I trust Ascentive's revenue information without compromising the privacy of my site's users?
    Ascentive guarantees the privacy of your users, so we don't release any customer identifying information such as name or credit card number on your Affiliate Access Center statistics. However, it is easy to verify that Ascentive is accurately tracking your site's revenue information. Each order referred by your site generates a unique “order reference number” which is emailed to the customer and is accessible via the Affiliate Access Center. When an order is submitted, the order reference number will immediately appear in the Affiliate Access Center, allowing you to verify that the tracking system is accurately listing all sales.

  • What is the contact information for the Affiliate Program?
    Click here to contact Ascentive's Affiliate Program.

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We appreciate your participation and interest in our program and look forward to working with you. We will do everything necessary to help maximize your affiliate efforts. Sign up now and start receiving monthly payments from Ascentive.

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