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Since 1998, Ascentive Software has been used by hundreds of thousands of people and businesses, with registered customers in over 55 countries.

Our wide range of products include ActiveSpeed a leading internet optimizer and web accelerator, PC Speedscan Pro performance software for registry error repair, PC Scan & Sweep performance software for junk file removal, Spyware Striker spyware removal software for protection against the threats of Spyware and Malware, and the BeAware Internet Monitoring software which provides supervision and protection for your family, children and employee's internet usage.


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“My laptop started losing its "like new" speed within a week or two of getting it, and got increasingly slow to open programs, start out of hibernation, manipulate graphics, etc. I wasn't expecting much with your software, honestly, but it has given me that testimonial-writing feeling. The laptop is as fast and snappy as the day I took it out of the box. Exclamation mark. Very pleased.”

Robert Wright, Portland ME USA

“I have been a customer with Ascentive since 2003, when I bought my first software ActiveSpeed. The difference was outstanding, I was on dial-up, the increase, well it has to be seen to be believed, and i have not looked back. I now own eight Ascentive software products, and can only urge you to try them for yourself, you will not be disappointed. Additional comments from this customer: I am the one with thousands of others who should give thanks for the software developed for all of us.My first was ActiveSpeed,the increase in speed especially where i live down in Cornwall UK,as we only had dial-up.The difference was outstanding,and now that i am on broadband 8 meg,the software still gives me the edge with performance.Since then over the years i have added your other software titles to my collection,which keep my pc in tip top condition. I have been trouble free since adding all the software which make up the Ascentive performance centre,i can only speak as i find,and the problems have all gone since adding these to my pc.”


“Thank you so much for making these products. I thought my desk top was crashing. It would start, then shut it self off. Then it would not reboot again. I thought I was going to have buy a new computer, or have to hire someone to come and look at it, or take it somewhere to be looked at. With a simple click, and down load, and then scan to see what was wrong with the computer. IT is RUNNING like BRAND NEW. And this computer gets a lot of heavy use, and I have had it since 2001, so to have it runing better then ever is so wonderful. Also, I recently bought a notebook, and it was not working properly. Even though I have a warranty on it, the thought of sending it away, for repair, was a pain. I bought the program for it, and it is working great.. This is a GREAT value.. and easy to use.I am going to tell all my friends and family about Ancentive software Kathy E Pierce New Hampshire, USA”

Kathy E Pierce, None New Hampshire USA

“Because of PC SpeedScan Pro, it doesn't seem to be freezing up anymore, and it seems to be going quite a bit faster than it was.”

Mark A. Scott, Wichita Kansas USA

“Active Speed is very impressive and does exactly what it says in improving download times.”

E Taylor, Lancashire UK

“I am just starting, but I notice an excellent difference in the speed of my computer's regular functioning, since using SpeedScan. The live-chat customer support is very helpful!”

A. Charles, Ontario Canada

“Well, Active speed has helped boost my overall internet connection not only by just boosting download speeds but also by keeping the connection active (no more time out disconnects). It's also friendly to my PC hardware and doesn't stress my computers processor temperature (unlike some I've tried), its not a resource hog either, works discreetly in the background. Great investment. Thanks Active Team. ”

T.M. Ngarua, North Island New Zealand

“A very qualified company who is knowledgeable about your products. I will continue to buy from you. Professionalism was wonderful. Thank You ”

L Randolph, Newnan GA USA

“Even though I have DSL phone service, ActiveSpeed helped speed my Internet data acquition amazingly.”

D. Hauptman, Denver CO USA

“Ascentive is helping me to make my computer secure, clean and fast. ”

Simon van den Berg, The Netherlands