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Founder Bio

Adam Schran, CEO of Ascentive

Ascentive was founded by Adam Schran and his younger brother Andrew in 1999. Their mission was to provide their customers with easy-to-use products that work together to bring PCs back to life and improve your family’s security.

Since then, Ascentive has grown to over 50 employees with over 1 million paying customers in over 200 countries, all traveling the Road to Speed.

Adam Schran, Chief Executive Officer
Adam is a lifelong entrepreneur, adventurer, and tech aficionado. He is the Founder and CEO of Ascentive, and has been dedicated to growing the company’s products and markets. Additionally he was a principal shareholder and the Executive Vice President of Profusion LLC, a search engine technology company acquired by Intelliseek, now a part of Nielsen Netratings.

Adam graduated from Haverford College in 1998 with an honors degree in computer science with mentorship from one of the Internet's forefathers. He is an avid traveler and aviation enthusiast, and has lived in Germany and Switzerland. He is also currently a member of the Manhattan Software CEO Roundtable and a judge for the Wharton Business Plan Competition. In addition, Adam volunteers with Covenant House - a safe harbor for homeless youth where he conducts a personal and professional success mentorship program for young adults.