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Do you need Anti-Virus protection?

Absolutely! Malicious computer viruses can harm your system and cause you a significant amount of headache, from undesired operation to data loss to the compromise of credit card numbers and other financial information. You can do some commonsense things to help lessen the danger of harmful viruses, but only a dedicated and comprehensive anti-virus software suite offers optimal protection in the face of ever-evolving virus threats.

When shopping for anti-virus software, six factors are crucial to consider:

Great Protection – Naturally, the best anti-virus software protects from the widest variety of virus threats—including browser hijackers, key loggers, trojans, worms, adware, and spyware. In these cases, the software will flag the virus and prevent it from being run, saving your system from infection.

Deep Clean – Anti-virus software should not just protect from potential threats: it should also have the ability to evaluate your system (through a deep scan), identify suspicious files, and then eliminate existing malware, adware, and other viruses that are hogging system resources or otherwise causing problems. This way, you are ensured of a virus-free system, providing the fastest computer performance and giving you peace of mind.

Increased Performance – Related to a deep clean, the right anti-virus software will actually increase your Internet surfing speed, eliminate adware pop-ups or other undesired operations, and enhance general computer performance because viruses and “junk files” will no longer bog the system down.

Easy to Use – One-click-style operations, simple interfaces and messages, lack of any annoying third-party ads, and effortless installation are all hallmarks of excellent anti-virus software applications.

Minimal Resources – Anti-virus software should not consume an inordinate amount of system resources, and neither should it unnecessarily intrude into your day-to-day computer use. “Invisible, yet secure” is the motto here.

Up-To-Date – Because viruses change, anti-virus software must change. In fact, the majority of infections come from “zero day” or newly-made viruses. Good anti-virus software updates itself automatically and is based upon a sound and reputable “definition database” containing the very latest virus information.

In an evaluation of all six of these considerations, Ascentive's Spyware Striker Pro emerges as a smart choice for everyday anti-virus needs. Featuring Ascentive's Easy Install and a one-click deep scan, Spyware Striker Pro features intuitive operation that leaves a minimal “footprint” on system resources. Spware Striker Pro is based upon the award-winning Vipre scan engine and definition database, making it equally adept at protecting against new threats and eliminating existing ones. This in turn optimizes system performance, and all at a very affordable price.