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RAMrocket User Guide

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3. Glossary

Memory Load Index: A statistic provided by Windows that gauges demanded vs. available RAM.

MB: abbreviation for Megabyte, approximately 1 million bytes. A common unit of measure for system memory.

Physical RAM: See RAM.

PID: abbreviation for Windows Process ID, a unique identifier assigned to an individual process or program.

Process: Each program you run exists as a “process” within Windows. Each process has one or multiple “threads” at any time — paths through the program's code.

RAM: abbreviation for Random Access Memory. A high-speed data storage area used by a computer's operating system and applications.

Keyboard shortcut: combinations of keyboard strokes set up to reduce or eliminate use of the mouse in order to make it faster and easier to perform tasks. Keyboard shortcuts are particularly useful for frequently repeated actions.

System Tray Icon: an icon that appears in your “system tray” at the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Threads: paths through a program's code. (See also “process”)

Virtual RAM: Allows a computer's operating system and programs to use more RAM than physically available by using space on the hard drive.