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Getting Errors Fixed

Error 10000

Error 10000 is caused by a Windows memory management problem. This error was not caused by a fault in your Ascentive program. Instead, your operating system is having memory management issues which caused your Ascentive program to shut down.

Unfortunately, this means there is no possible fix or patch for your software since it is not your software this is causing the problem. However, most customers report that this error is rare and usually seen only once. Restarting your computer will most likely eliminate any memory problems going on.

If you continue to see this error, you may have a bigger problem with your system requiring you to see a computer repair specialist.

Example Report:

Problem::Access Violation: the instruction at '0x77C47FD4' attempted to 'read' data at address '0x14CF2000'
Procedure::UpdateIcon at line 150
Your Os::Windows XP
Date::10/06/2005 10:38:47