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Cloud Storage & Unlimited Online Backup
  • Keep all of your important files safe
  • Access from anywhere you have Internet
  • Military-Grade Security


Keep your data safe. Seriously.

All the files that you have on your computer - from your vacation photos to your favorite iTunes playlists - are constantly at risk. Whether from a computer crash or unforseen accident, your data could be lost in a matter of seconds. Livedrive Backup protects your precious files by keeping a copy safely online, in the cloud. It's hassle-free, easy-to-install, completely secure - and backs up all your important files, no matter how many you've got!

In three easy steps you can begin to backup your files - for FREE!

  1. Sign up for FREE
    Try Livedrive right now and pay nothing ! Click one of the buttons
    above to set try Livedrive Backup completely FREE for 30 Days.

  2. Download Livedrive Backup
    After you've finished setting up your FREE trial, you can begin downloading
    Livedrive Backup software. Just enter your information, click the button and
    wait for the software to install.

  3. Back up your files!
    And that's it - now you can begin to safely and securely back up all of your files!
    Livedrive Backup software is completely free for the 30-day trial period.

Easy-to-use Online Backup Software

Livedrive backup software does it all! You can back up your computer, sync all your important files across multiple computers, and access your files from anywhere you have Internet. It's this full range of services, paired with Ascentive's 24/7 customer support team, makes Livedrive the most must-have backup software on the web today.

Features and Benefits

Why should I worry about backing up my files?

Even with the most advanced systems, your precious files are susceptible to tampering, computer crashes, unforseen accidents, or even theft. In any of these unfortunate circumstances occur, you will not need to panic. No matter what happens to your PC or mobile device, you can rest assure that your files will be secure forever, safely intact in your own personal Livedrive cloud storage space. Livedrive Backup software is available online for purchase or you Try Livedrive for FREE for 30 Days. To try one of the fastest growing and most-loved cloud storage and online backup software, click the button above.

Why Livedrive Backup Cloud Storage Software?

Livedrive cloud storage technology is revolutionizing the way people access their files, photos, music, videos, and other digital content. First launched in December 2008, Livedrive Backup has quickly become one of the world's leading cloud storage backup softwares. Livedrive has over 500,000 customers around the world, and has earned such awards as the Computer Active Best Online Backup Buy It award, and the Web User Gold award.

At a Glance:

  • Truly Unlimited Backup
    Livedrive’s backup service really does provide unlimited storage. This means that there
    are no storage limits or file size limits of any kind.

  • Access from Anywhere
    As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your stored files.
    Whether via your PC, mobile device, or tablet, we've got you and your files covered.

  • Customer Support
    Our knowledgeable support team is available 24/7 via Email, Chat or telephone to help you set up your backup account or answer any questions you may have about Livedrive.

  • Easy to Use
    Livedrive is completely hassle-free and easy to install. In just a few clicks,
    your files will be backed up and ready to access from anywhere!

  • Fully Automatic Cloud Storage
    Livedrive automatically uploads the most recent version of the files that you've chosen to back up.
    And with unlimited versioning, you can access any iteration of those files.

  • Military-Grade Security
    With 256-bit SSL encryption and redundant storage of all your files, everything that you store on livedrive is safe and secure.

Features of Livedrive Backup

Livedrive is the fastest groing and most loved cloud storage and online backup software on the web today.

Here's why:

Access from Anywhere:
  • Personal Windows Computer

  • Personal Mac Computer

  • Android Mobile Device

  • Apple Mobile Device

  • Windows 8 Mobile Device

  • Anywhere else you have
    a valid Internet connection
Backup Services:
  • Sync Files Across your Computers

  • Access files from the Web

  • Backup your Personal PC

  • Play your Music Files from Anywhere

  • Stream your Video Files from Anywhere


Why do I need Livedrive Backup?
How Secure or Safe is Livedrive?
Where is My Data Stored?
Do You Ever Limit Bandwidth or Transfer Speeds?

Why do I need Livedrive Backup?

Answer: You could lose your personal and precious files at any moment. With Livedrive backup, you have a trustworthy and secure copy of those files that can be accessed from any Internet source.

How Secure or Safe is Livedrive?

Answer: Data stored on your Livedrive Cloud account is held on multiple storage servers. Files stored on these servers are encrypted using military grade, AES-256 encryption, so in the very unlikely event that someone compromised our data storage and stole any data it would be meaningless.

Where is My Data Stored?

Answer: Livedrive's data centers are all based in the UK. We have multiple low-latency/high-bandwidth links which allow customers around the world to transfer their data at high speeds wherever they are in the world.

Do You Ever Limit Bandwidth or Transfer Speeds?

Answer: No - there are not any limits on how much bandwidth you can use each month. Nor are there limits on the speed of your transfers beyond the natural limits of technology - our data centres have super fast connections. Unlike some other providers we don't punish you for making use of our service by throttling your bandwidth just because you store a lot.

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Livedrive Backup Requirements

What are the minimum requirements for Livedrive?


  • 2003 or later (XP, Vista, 7 and 8), and Server 2003-2008. 
  • 1 GHz Intel or equivalent CPU
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher/Firefox 2.0 or higher/Google Chrome
  • The latest versions of Java and Flash


  • OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • 1 GHz Intel or equivalent CPU
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Firefox 2.0 or higher/Google Chrome/Safari
  • The latest versions of Java and Flash

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