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Android Application for Mobile Optimization
  • Improve your Android Phone's Startup time
  • Improve your Android Phone's Speed and save battery power
  • Make more room on your Android Phone


Improve your Android Smart Phone's Performance

Extreme Speed is a simple but powerful application that can increase your Android speed and save battery power. Smartphones can run a host of background apps that slow down your phone, drain the battery and interfere with the data connection. The amount of memory and storage taken up by the apps on your phone could surprise you.

Ascentive's new Android Application, ExtremeSpeed, can help reclaim important memory and space to improve overall performance of your phone. By moving apps to your SD card you can create more room and save your phone's precious battery power, and so much more! With its easy-to-use interface, ExtremeSpeed can help improve your Android's performance in seconds.

Quick Boost

It always surprises people to discover that running applications can be slowing down their smart phone's performance. With ExtremeSpeed's simple Quick Boost function, you can close any applications that you are not currently using, and reclaim a significant amount of memory. Recovering this memory can be essential in improving your smart phone's speed, performance and battery life.

Deep Clean

With ExtremeSpeed's Deep Clean mode, you can remove all your phones call log history, text messaging, browser search history and much more. One simple screen will allow you to remove unwanted items that may be taking up space on your phone and slowing it down. You can even choose the duration of time that you want to remove these items. This will allow you to reclaim more memory on your phone and improve its performance.

Move and Backup to SD Card

As users download more and more applications, they start running low on space to store these items. Extreme Speed gives you the ability to move your applications on to your storage card, freeing up more space on your phone. This feature not only allows you to move and backup items on your storage card, but also restore them to your phone.

Edit Start-Up Settings

ExtremeSpeed can improve your Smart Phone's start up speed by allowing you to select which applications and processes you would like to open when your Smart Phone starts up.

Features and Benefits

Keep your Smart Phone Fast and Clean with ExtremeSpeed

ExtremeSpeed combines five different performance-enhancing tools to bring you complete Android Smart Phone performance.With each tool you can improve a different aspect of your phone's health, performance, and speed.

ExtremeSpeed At a Glance:

  • Quick Boost - close memory-hogging applications in seconds to improve speed and save battery life.
  • Deep Clean - remove all your call phones call log history, text messaging, browser search history and much more.
  • Move to SD - Clear away Storage Space by allowing you to move apps from your handset to your SD card
  • Backup to SD - backup important items on your phone for added security and easily reinstall them on your phone.
  • Edit Startup Settings - Improves your Smart Phone's startup speed by choose which applications you want to startup on your phone.

Features of Ascentive's ExtremeSpeed

Easy-to-use Interface:
  • Two-Tab format lets you choosing between Quick Boost and Deep Clean
  • Advanced Options allows you to further manipulate your files and applications
  • List-style display shows you which
    files and applications are occupying
    the most storage space
  • Manually adjust ExtremeSpeed's settings quickly & easily
Accelerate all your Mobile Activity:
  • Easily backup your photos and videos
  • Monitor the status of your files and applications (CPU, Memory, Storage Space)
  • Move files and applications from your Android smart phone to your SD card
  • Save Battery Life and Minimize Battery Usage
  • Accelerate your phone's start-up speed

The free download of Ascentive’s Registry Cleaner, Anti-Malware Software, and other trial products are intended to find issues, errors, threats, junk, and clutter that can be removed by single or multiple Ascentive products after paid activation. The free scans do not require payment and are set to run automatically every 7 days for your convenience. Uninstall is easy and can be done at any time using “Add/Remove Programs” on any Windows machine. Your results may vary. Speed improvements are dependent on what is actually limiting a particular computer and may require more than one product category or remedy for ultimate success.